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Junior Developer- Oracle PL/SQL/C#

Location: Warner Robins, Georgia
ID Number: #GovDev

Skills Required:*
3+ years of experience with Oracle database; 2+ years of experience with SQL Server; 1+ year with helpdesk or end user interfacing.


Developer Position Description
This is a junior/mid-level software developer position that is part of a small SCRUM based software development team. The team customizes commercial products as well as building stand-alone programs and web services which function together to produce identity management solutions for the Air Force. The development team performs cradle to grave management of the solutions delivered. During the project phase, which creates the solutions, the team performs design, solution building, unit and integrated testing, and solution documentation. After delivery, the development team assists the operations/maintenance team with any anomalies that arise with the fielded solution. Throughout the lifecycle, the development team authors and update technical documentation on all capabilities. To maintain the documents, they develop, gather, and communicate technical information among customers, designers, and other stakeholders.

The use of the SCRUM based development process allows for the team to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the Air Force and deliver the most appropriate solution in an expedient manner. Tight integration of development, support, and operations/maintenance teams provides the service capability functions to the Air Force via the Air Force Directory Services (AFDS) program.

The position provides software development on AFDS contract. This position is part of the SCRUM based development team. As part of this team, the individual will be expected to build solutions to meet the client’s needs.

Providing technical documents which correlate to the provided solutions is a major component of the software development capability. This position requires the individual to gather and research information for use in technical documentation, assist in layout work, and write technical materials, such as operating and maintenance instructions.

Certifications: DoD 8570 Compliant IAT II certification: Security + minimum.
Skills Required:*
1-3 years of programming in a preferred language of C# and/or PL/SQL. 1-3 years of experience writing design documents, deployment plans, and/or test plans. Experience in the AGILE SCRUM development methodology is preferred but not necessary.

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