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Modernizing systems to use Big Data Saves $500 Million/Year

Datum Software updated a giant information resource – leveraging deep expertise, thought leadership and a commitment to optimization.


1. Challenge: Datum Software's client needed a high performance complex computing (HPCC) solution and technologies to manage petabyte-scale (Big Data) datasets from first principles.

2. Solution: During its 3-year partnership, Datum Software performed a system study and deep analyses of the requirements in order to design a complete system meeting all critical system components. Armed with a full understanding of the client’s technological environment, Datum Software designed and developed complex aggregate joins, researching transformation rules to generate consolidated fact/summary data using an ETL tool to load data from source to target data warehouses. Datum Software used MS SQL Server Analysis Services for cube creation, maintenance, and fine tuning of cubes and creating SSRS reports.

3. Results: Using the HPCC technology, Datum Software helped the client remove mainframes from its system infrastructure and replace them with a smarter solution -- saving more than $500 million per year in maintenance costs.

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