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Scrum Master-Coach Heads Up

Location: Eagan, Minnesota
ID Number: #Heads Up

QA Agile Coach
Eagan, MN
Long term Contract

  • 5+ years’ experience
  • This position is for a Technical Coach in the Enterprise Quality Services department who will be providing coach support in the Coaching Office. The person will be working in collaboration with other coaches to train Agile teams as part of Being Agile initiative.
  • The person should be able to provide technical coaching not only QA/QE areas, but also Agile Behaviors, DevOps, Infrastructure, and Information Security.
  • ???????Experience with JIRA and Version One

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Coach set up of a Continuous Integration(CI) pipeline
  • Apply testing framework/artifact (contract/unit testing, mocking/stubbing, acceptance testing, and integration testing)
  • Set up and configure Jenkins, git lab, nexus, sonarqube needed by the Agile team
  • Introduce Continuous Integration(CI) and best practices working with a CI system
  • Provide understanding on mocking tools and enterprise techniques and best practices
  • Implement practice for TDD cycle to produce higher quality code
  • Teach basic refactoring, code coverage, pair programming, Static code analysis to produce higher higher quality code
  • • Teach teams on basic Object Oriented Design and fundamentals
  • Coach automation using Cucumber test as part of Continuous Integration
  • Coach team members on how to create, maintain, and/or enhance a test plan & test strategy document
  • Coach team members on how I can write effective test cases and best practices
  • Build test framework according to the test flow, and plan the path towards automation (smoke tests, and regression tests)
  • Execute automated tests inside the Jenkins Pipeline
  • Coach team member of how to plan, create and execute performance scenario
  • Coach team member on the understanding of the service virtualization service when to use service visualization during development life cycle.
  • Coach team members on contract testing, concept design for the API, Swagger Hub platform, domain mapping, and implement API design per swagger specification.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems with one to five years of experience in an IT testing environment and/or any equivalent combination of experience, education, and/or training that enables the candidate to meet the entry requirements.
  • The ideal candidate will possess the above plus previous airline experience.


  • Communication Skills - The ability to communicate verbally and in writing with all levels of employees and management, capable of successful formal and informal communication, speaks and writes clearly and understandably at the right level.
  • Integrity and Trust - Involves being widely trusted, being seen as a direct, truthful individual, can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes, and doesn’t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
  • Teamwork - Involves working well in a collaborative setting, supporting work team by volunteering for and completing assignments, acting as a positive team member by contributing to discussions, developing and maintaining both formal and informal relationships enterprise-wide, defines success in terms of the entire team through mentoring and knowledge transfer.
  • Technical Expertise - Involves demonstrating a commitment to increasing knowledge and skills in current technical/functional area, keeping up to date on technical developments, staying informed as to industry practices, knowing how to apply relevant technical processes to appropriate business needs.


  • Dedication - Involves demonstrating a desire to dedicate time and energy to accomplish goals, tasks, assignments, etc. Will do what it takes to get things done.
  • Flexibility - Is open to change, enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks, anticipates and adjusts to problems and roadblocks, is not thrown off when things change, can flex to future consequences and trends appropriately.
  • • Interpersonal Skills - The ability to successfully, professionally, and diplomatically interact with others and develop relationships with people who have widely varying styles, levels in the organization, and knowledge of IT.
  • Problem Solving - Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions, probes all fruitful sources for answers, can see hidden problems, is excellent at honest analysis, looks beyond.
  • Task Management - Delivers quality work on time, translates planning into action by following applicable established procedures or methodologies, proactively monitors and controls task status by collecting and analyzing task data to anticipate and address barriers, appropriately communicates and resolves or escalates any problems that arise.

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