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GIS Javascript API Developer

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
ID Number: #613649

Under broad supervision, designs, codes, tests, modifies and debugs computer software. Researches and analyzes program or systems problems and develops program documentation. Translates business requirements into development activities in secure and maintainable code.

In person interviews are required if person is in Georgia, web cam interviews can be arranged if person is out of the State of Georgia.

The client is seeking a technical GIS developer for developing Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10x (Javascript API/WebApp Builder) applications within SharePoint web sites/integrated applications and ArcGIS Portal/Online applications. The candidate will have application programming/development, implementation, and support experience.


- Develops customized Esri Javascript API web applications, web services, mobile, and enterprise solutions

- Develops geoprocessing and GIS web services

- Develops GIS web editing/mapping applications

- Develops and configures ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Portal Apps such as Survey 123 and Collector

- Conducts performance, unit, system, integration, and quality assurance testing of applications

- Maintains existing applications/services

- Upgrades and migrates existing applications/services to current version/systems architecture

- Provides end user support and creates support documentation

- Works closely with other developers and architects

- Estimates work effort and proposes development solutions

- Assists in the integration of Esri Roads and Highways and Agile Assets


Work Terms and Conditions:

- Candidate will be working in the client’s Office of IT Applications. Candidates will work with supporting IT team members (database, network, server, etc.) and interacting with business units.  The candidate will follow internal client standards, and accepted best practices for developed solutions.

- The position end date is set for the end of the client fiscal year. Client may exercise the option to renew contracts in one year increments. Several successful consultants have continued working for several years with contract extensions. However, the client is under no obligation to extend contracts and may terminate employment at any time.

- All candidates submitted for this or any other Job Posting that are currently working under a VISA, Employment Authorization Card, or any other authorized programs of the Federal Government must have a current active VISA or status in order to be submitted. Candidates that have an expired VISA or are in the process of applying for an extension, transfer, or a new VISA, should not be submitted.

- The Department has 12 holidays, which consultants are not allowed to work nor make up any time for those holiday weeks without management's approval.

- Consultant must have cell phone which can be used as a contact for business calls.

- Client does not provide free parking. All routine commuting expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.

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