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Sr. Reliability Engineer #26843

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
ID Number: #26843

Sr. Reliability Engineer

long term Contract ,Atlanta, GA

3 MUST Skills 

1: AWS cloud formation scripting and deployment 

2: Big data Hadoop components, NiFi, Kafka, EMR, data processing, etc.

3: Strong Linux OS, security, etc.

 • Manage and optimize data processing and API components of Delta Big Data platform (SVOC) in AWS which consists of NiFi, MKS (Managed Kafka Services), HBase Cluster, Labmda for API, Elastic Search, EMR, TART data platform, etc.

• Review the application code for the various APIs, stark jobs, HBase jobs and etc. to proactively identify opportunities to optimize the SLA response times for various application components and partner with development teams to develop and test the updated version.

• Design and develop the automation tools and artifacts using the services and systems from AWS to stand up and evolve the cloud infrastructure ecosystems for Big Data application suite.

• Design and develop CI/CD pipeline to deploy various application artifacts to the Big Data platform, including APIs, Data Process Jobs, Data ingesting/batching jobs, and query mechanisms.

• Analyze, design and develop the artifacts to configure the monitoring and alerting metrics so the support engineers can proactively and timely validate, troubleshoot and resolve the issues.

• Maintaining Data Integrity and access control by using AWS security tools and services such as HSM, IAM, etc.

• Understand and develop tools to monitor AWS billing for the services, generate cost related reports and help develop and implement cost optimization strategies

• Work with enterprise security architects to design and implement data security tools, measures, data encryption, key management; design and develop solutions to address the security vulnerabilities discovered by internal security audit team, as well as by the vendors, security community, etc.; design and develop solutions for support team to regularly scan and review to fix security issues

• Regularly and proactively monitor and analyse the capacity and performance of the platform, work with architecture team to design and implement elastic infrastructure to accommodate the irregular burst of user traffic/requests.

• Work with architecture team to develop backup strategy and implement the backup solution for critical data and application components for service restoration and disaster recovery purpose.

• Actively participate in troubleshooting of degraded performance and hard to define issues for the Big Data platform applications, develop the solution and artifacts in the back log from root cause analysis.

• Work with architecture, infrastructure, and application teams to provide input on continuous improvement on the design, performance and security enhancements.

• Experimenting with emerging technologies and prototypes and understanding how they will impact what comes next

Qualifications and Competencies:

• BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field or equivalent practical experience.

• 5+ years of related DevOps, SysOps engineering experience with focus on major cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)

. • 2+ years of playing lead role or serving as critical technical resource in Site Reliability engineering organization with deep understanding of the operations of cloud platforms from major cloud providers to design and develop solutions for infrastructure build up and the deploy/monitoring of the critical application components. •

Must be well versed in the automation, monitoring, and other tools from the major cloud platforms, including but not limited to Cloud Formation, Terraform, Ansible, Shell, Python, etc.

• Preferable for candidates with significant enterprise application development frameworks and languages, like Java, Python, etc.

• Preferable for candidates with significant technical knowledge with infrastructure layers, including but not limited to: Linux OS, major virtualization platforms, Traditional and software defined network, Load Balancers, firewall, API tools, element/performance/intelligent monitoring tools, storage, backup strategy, etc

. • Significant knowledge and experience in end to end operations for enterprise systems and applications, including driving issue resolution for mission critical systems.

• Must have experience working to automate, operationalize and improve the Development/QA using CI/CD tools (Gitlab, Github, TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Nexus)

• Working experience with Software Release Management.

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