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Senior Software Engineer (UI Developer)

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ID Number: #RELNJP00024546

The client is looking for an enthusiastic and passionate UI developer for a role in their Nursing Education department. We’re seeking an individual to apply their expertise in the implementation of the client-side of a learning product which provides personalized review key concepts for nursing and health education worldwide. Their success has largely come from the ability to be cross-functional, as our product teams are comprised of product managers, UX designers, quality engineers, and more. We are often swarming different tasks, whether that’s product discovery, user testing, or regression testing.

• 5+ years of Software Engineering experience
• BS Engineering/Computer Science or equivalent required
• Experience with front-end OOP/MVC/MVVM frameworks, React , AngularJS, or Angular preferred

• Work closely with UX designers, product managers and back-end engineers to implement versatile front-end solutions to tricky web development issues.
• Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices in order to push the limits of what a browser can do.
• Manage your own time and work well both independently and as part of a team.
• Launch, iterate and make a difference. Provide front-end coding expertise and be ready to make our products better for our users.
• Design and develop the front ends of user facing products with an expert level of craft and attention to detail.
• Deliver respectful opinions and perspectives to help shape the future of our products.


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