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Sr System/Data Engineer #29837

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
ID Number: #29837

Sr System/Data Engineer      

Long Term Contract    

Atlanta, GA

Sr System/Data Engineer to create and implement data analytics and application performance monitoring for projects and applications.

  • Responsibilities:
    Data Analytics: Data analytics environment includes Sumologic.
  • Create/Implement data analytics for projects and applications, work with the teams to come up with the best solution to their needs.
  • Be able to accurately estimate the amount of space needed for each effort.
  • Investigate alerting/notification process for outages, make recommendations on improvement.
  • Perform analysis on event trends and recommendation on reductions and improvements.
  • Meet with application and system teams to gather requirements, develop, and implement new monitoring.
  • Troubleshoot internal alerts and notifications from environment.
  • The data analytics team is responsible for monitoring select applications within the client’s environment. On call rotation 24x7x365 to support any analytics tool issue.

Top Skills:

1. Experience configuring, implementing, maintaining, and supporting Sumologic in large environments

2. Ability to create Field Extractions using Regex expressions

Application Performance Monitoring:
Using Dynatrace APM and UEM tools to optimize application performance and identify performance bottlenecks in web applications and provide solutions.

Demonstrates thorough knowledge and awareness of application performance issues in a complex multi-tiered environment.

Knowledge of Customer Experience Management, Application Performance monitoring and log analytics tools like Splunk, Dynatrace Synthetic, Dynatrace Appmon, CA APM, Prometheus etc., is highly desired. On-board new application into Dynatrace, profile configuration, agent setup, instrumentation.

Ability to do requirement gathering and target environment analysis from an APM perspective.

Hands-on implementation experience in Dynatrace On-Premise and SaaS-based solutions.

Experience on Configuration and customization of Dynatrace solution.

Ability to cross-train peers with tool usage and assist in creation of best-practices.

Coordinate with various project stakeholders and partner support teams to ensure seamless tool deployment.

Partner with application development, application support, and other IT infrastructure resources to define measurement frameworks, develop KPI's and performance dashboards.

Top Skills:
•Clear understanding of highly distributed applications and how they interconnect and communicate, from the browser or mobile app, through the cloud, CDNs, and third parties, into the data center, and through to the back end

•Ability to have meaningful discussions around technical concepts such as object-oriented fundamentals, web application infrastructure, memory management and GC, threading, frameworks, design patterns, exception handling, messaging, reflection, aspect-oriented programming, dependency injection, etc.

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