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Sr Project Manager/Scrum Master #29585

Location: Atlanta or Eagan, Georgia
ID Number: #29585

Sr Project Manager/Scrum Master
Long Term contract
Atlanta or Eagan, MN


The position is going to be in Tech Ops. So the projects will involved vendor product integration, and application enhancement in airframe/engine repair, maintenance and overhaul domains.

The client will  still run some initiatives as “projects” in the Tech Ops area, with the IT teams organized as Agile teams – so we need someone who have proven expertise in managing projects, and also can effectively run multiple scrum teams as Scrum Master.


The Project Manager job requirements include: project planning, scheduling, monitoring, reporting, and implementing project and/or interrelated programs activities.

Also, this position will be responsible , as Scrum Master for multiple Agile teams. As such, the candidate must be experienced and possess expertise in Agile methods, practices, and rituals, and be able to effectively plan and lead Sprint planning and daily activities of multiple Agile teams. Familiarity with Airline MRO, Maintenance, or technical operations of an Airline, or other large transportation business will be highly desirable.

The job progression identifies responsibilities ranging from providing support for small to medium projects to development of strategic or tactical operational plans.

The projects in scope for ‘application’ role family are any development, support, and maintenance of existing applications or new development work.

The projects in scope for ‘infrastructure’ role family are ongoing maintenance and upgrade / migration of infrastructure assets.

  • -Leads project planning, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting activities for small to medium projects.
  • -Facilitates needs assessment and the development of recommended project control solutions to be used for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects through integration of various PM tools.
  • -Determines, monitors, and reviews all project economics to include costs, operational budgets, staffing requirements, resources, and risks.
  • -Plans, schedules, monitors, and reports on activities related to the project.
  • -Controls project requirements, scope, and change management issues.
  • -Establishes appropriate metrics for measuring key project criteria.
  • -Manages changes in operational plan.
  • -Develops project control and reporting procedures and manages changes in operational plan.
  • -Undertakes status review meetings among project team members and clients.
  • -Manages a project with a team size of approximately 8-15 FTEs.
  • -Determines client requirements and translates requirements into operational plans.
  • -Identifies and assembles the appropriate blend of resources to meet project needs and requirements; manages sub-contractors.
  • -Creates communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is exchanged key stakeholders.
  • -Typically manages a project with a team size of around 15 FTE.
  • -Plans, directs, and coordinates cross-functional team activities to manage and implement project and/or interrelated projects from contract/proposal initiation to final operational stage.
  • -Leads the project team(s) in determining client requirements and translating requirements into operational plans.
  • -Ensures adherence to legally binding requirements and client's long-term goals.
  • -Facilitates status review meetings among project team members and clients.
  • -Facilitates the creation of communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is exchanged among key stakeholders.
  • -Identifies and recommends contingency measures.
  • -Typically manages a project with multiple streams and multiple scrum/agile teams – with approximately 30 -50 FTEs

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